13th International Conference on Software Quality

Software Division of
The American Society for Quality

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Tuesday Concussent Sessions
Gerald Weinberg
Karl Wiegers
Robin Goldsmith
Neil Potter
Mark Paulk


Gerald M. Weinberg - Keynote Speaker

Gerald M. Weinberg (Jerry) is the author or co-author of many articles and books, including The Psychology of Computer Programming and an Introduction to General Systems Thinking.   His books on leadership include Becoming a Technical Leader, The Secrets of Consulting, More Secrets of Consulting, and the four-volume Quality Software Management series.  His books cover all phases of the software life-cycle, including Exploring Requirements, Rethinking Systems Analysis and Design, The Handbook of Walkthroughs, Inspections, and Technical Reviews, and General Principles of System Design. Jerry is a host of the AYE Conference (Amplifying Your Effectiveness) and winner of the Warnier Prize, the Stevens Award, and a charter member of the Computing Hall of Fame.  His website may be found at http://www.geraldmweinberg.com.

Keynote:  Quality Alibis:  Tools, Rules, Fools, and Schools

We have a whole arsenal of alibis for why we don't make more rapid progress towards quality software.  The four major classes of alibi are:

  • Our tools are inadequate.

  • Our models are wrong.

  • People are foolish.

  • Our schools aren't doing their job.

This talk will to examine each class of alibi in turn then propose a different model of what stands in the way of rapid improvement in quality.

Tutorial:  Quality Consulting for Quality Consultants

(Register early as class size is limited to 20)

Quality is obtained one person at a time.  Every successful quality professional is also a successful and masterful one-on-one consultant. In this interactive tutorial, you will  obtain new strategies for coping with your most serious quality consulting problems both internal and external.

Jerry Weinberg, author of The Secrets of Consulting and More Secrets of Consulting, helps you affirm your most successful strategies, while sharing other techniques you may not have thought of.

Learn to be more sensitive to client desires, more aware of safety issues, and more influential in obtaining effective client responses, all leading to higher quality in products, processes, and people.  Real-life consulting cases brought by the participants will be used to illustrate all the principles.