13th International Conference on Software Quality

Software Division of
The American Society for Quality

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Wednesday Concurrent Sessions
Bill Curtis
James Bach
Johanna Rothman
Herb Krasner
Mary Sakry


James Bach - Keynote Speaker

 James Bach (http://www.satisfice.com) is a pioneer in the discipline of exploratory software testing and a founding member of the Context- Driven School of Test Methodology. He is the author (with Kaner and Pettichord) of Lessons Learned in Software Testing: A Context-Driven Approach. Starting as a programmer in 1983, James turned to testing in 1987 at Apple Computer, going on to work at several market-driven software companies and testing companies that follow the Silicon Valley tradition of high innovation and agility. James founded Satisfice, Inc. in 1999, a test training and outsourcing company based in Front Royal, Virginia.

Keynote Presentation:  How Testers Think

The role of a tester is to bring vital information about the product to light. To do that requires not only that we create and execute test cases, but also that we think differently from our non-tester co-workers. We must be preoccupied with risk, not success; our job is to take seriously possibilities that other people may not even notice.  This talk presents specifics on what "thinking like a tester" can mean, and how that way of thinking makes high quality possible.

Tutorial:  An Introduction to Context-Driven Test Methodology 

It is easy to demonstrate that there are no best practices, only good practices in context. It is not so easy to take the next step, and answer the question "Ok, how do you know what practices to use in what contexts?" Answering that question is a prime concern of context-driven test methodology. This tutorial is about thinking through test strategy and logistics in a way that is compelling and defensible.